Do you sell equipment or services related to street lighting? Want to expand your business? Join us!

Our partner’s program is tailored so that you can focus on the business and leave all the technical nonsense to us. In less than two months from contacting us you are able to start selling smart street lighting solutions with proven demand!

Commercial support

Marketing support

Your contact information will be listed on our web-page, and we will forward you with inquiries about projects in the area you work in. Marketing has never been this easy!

Sales material

Our sales team provides you with the latest appealing videos, case studies and brochures which you can use to shine at customer meetings. You will also receive functional samples of products, and you can demonstrate how our Manager works at the meetings.

When talking about profitability with the customer, you can open our intuitive financial analysis tool, fill it with the proposed project and show the they cannot afford to delay the investment!

Keeping in touch with the customer

After you have sold the first project for the customer, the system speaks for itself. It reminds about its existence and worth by sending regular reports about traffic flows and energy savings. The reports are customized with your contact information.

And when we have new features to provide even better lighting experience, we will provide you with all the material required to communicate the enhanced functionality to your customers.

Technical support

Project commissioning

When you have delivered your first project, our dedicated traveler from Finland will join you for the project commissioning. You will then learn hand-to-hand the three little steps required when commissioning a project:

  1. Call our technical team in Helsinki to set up the network
  2. Define the perfect parameters for the specific location
  3. Enjoy smart lighting. With your customer

After you have commissioned your first project with our aid, you are ready to repeat these little steps again and again.

Problem solving

You can contact our our technical team at any time with any problems you might encounter.

Leave your contact details below and we will get back to you!