A fully integrated device to optimize the amount of light

Lumine 180 is a control device for outdoor lighting which is integrated with wireless modem for 2.4 GHz wireless networks, motion detector and capabilities to dim luminaires. This way it can save more than 75 % of your annual energy consumption compared to traditional lighting controls without sacrificing either the comfortability or the safety gained by good lighting.

Scandinavian design

The Lumine 180 control device features streamlined Scandinavian design. It is available in multiple colors and it merges beautifully to the light post.

Reliable motion detection

The motion detection procedure is based on a combination of an industry standard PIR-sensor and sophisticated algorithm to process the sensor data. This allows us to offer reliable detection of wanted objects featuring minimum amount of false detections. Combined with upper-level intelligence, it allows us to determine whether the detected object is a pedestrian, bike or a car and even the speed of the detected object. All this is processed so that you can enjoy the processed data from Lumine Manager and utilize it in your city planning activities.

Easy setup

Due to the integrated nature of the Lumine 180 device, the installation is as easy as it gets. Drill a hole in your lamp post, string the wire through it and mount the device to the pole with screws included in the package. After this you only have to read the device’s coordinates with a special tool delivered by us and plug the wires to the luminaire. Now you’re ready to enjoy smart street lighting!