Easy management


At Lumine we see that a bike path at one location resembles all other bike paths in the way lighting should work. Due to this, we group luminaires based on the type of road they are used to control, so that you can update the control parameters on all similar areas with just one click. You can also override some parameters or assign one luminaire to multiple area types to cover all possible use-cases in your city.

Data visualization


With the help of the Lumine control devices, we can gather anonymous information about people flows in your city. All this is processed for you to enjoy on a map-based view, where you can see the amount of pedestrians, bikes and cars based on how the roads are colored.

State of the lighting

Lumine makes it easy to monitor your lighting infrastructure: It will show you the real time status information of any connected luminaire including current brightness. And whenever a malfunction occurs in the luminaires or the control system, Lumine Manager informs your maintenance operator with details about the incident.