A fully integrated device to optimize the amount of light

Lumine Z is a lighting control device, designed to be installed on a luminaire equipped with a downwards facing Zhaga-connector. It allows to control the lighting in several ways:

Dynamic lighting

The integrated motion detector allows to dim the luminaires whenever the road is even partially unused. Upon a motion detection, all nearby luminaires increase their brightness to a set maximum level.

Traffic density

The integrated motion detector also provides information about the traffic density. This allows us to adapt to changes in traffic density in real time, e.g. dim the lights when traffic is scarce. Traffic density based control is also possible to combine with dynamic lighting, so that during low density hours, a motion detection causes the luminaires to increase their brightness to below full brightness.

An example configuration for low density hours is to dim to 10 %, and increase brightness to 50 % upon detected motion. High density hours could have dimming levels of 50 and 100 % respectively.

Weather conditions

Lumine Z also adopts to changes in weather: During snow cover the brightness may be reduced from maximum, while it is increased during rainy times.

Lumine Z
Lumine Z dimensions
Lumine Z motion detection range